About Us

We are a group of people who, based on humanitarian experiences, have come together to be able to strengthen ourselves in helping people with disabilities and extreme poverty. Our purpose is to bring support where they need it and thus achieve the maximum number of virtual contacts, as a personal incentive, for each solidarity work in favor of our brothers.

Founding Partners

Rolando Luna

We intend to activate their knowledge in innovative technologies favorable to people with disabilities and extreme poverty, so that they can improve their current conditions, with the sole purpose of giving them a better standard of living.

Alberto Castillo

Definitely I sympathize working within a team of people, which tries to improve living conditions through the development of social programs for children and people with special abilities and even adults in extreme poverty and to be able to dignify their reason for living. God guide us.

James R. de Anda

Our goal must always be to live the gospel of Jesus Christ – especially to embody charity, accompanying people in their hardships and doing everything possible to address their shortcomings.

Paula Hamp

Paula Hamp has 40 years of experience in the area of working with individuals with special needs. Paula was diagnosed with a learning disability when she was in second grade.

Henry Witte

Our goal is to help the poor and people with disabilities in Peru and Nebraska. With our effort, we will provide food, nutritional supplements and medical equipment and that we can fulfill the teaching of Jesus to love our neighbor, as ourselves.

Jeffrey Kihien

In recent years I have personally seen extreme poverty and the needs of people with special abilities in Peru. I was especially moved to see how a wheelchair given to a young woman helped her to get around her city and to be able to sell items in the market to help her family.


The organization’s mission is to sow the seed of personal evolution in each individual with whom we work. We do not give the fish, but if we teach how to fish, we are convinced that personal progress is to achieve the greatest ethical, moral, spiritual and material evolution that can be achieved, at any stage of life. We are supporting this development to be integral, permanent and achieved in a society in freedom.


It is our perspective projected towards an effective vision, which consists of channeling social aid so that people with special abilities and in extreme poverty develop in society as useful people who can continue to be examples of life and efficient in production; achieving their own individual improvement, there are no age barriers, for human development and improvement of each person.