Foundation Path of Hope

Justified joy, for achieving hope

On the same day and year 2016, that we distributed the wheelchairs, a man approached me and told me that he needed help for his son, who was disabled and confined at home. He repeatedly asked us to come to his house and meet his son. He told me that he would pay for the taxi and insisted that we go with him. I told him not to worry; but because of so much insistence, we went to see his son.
When we arrived, I saw a young man of about 12 years old, who lived alone with his father, because his mother had abandoned them, when she learned of her son’s illness.
When I saw the boy, he was sitting on the edge of his bed and superficially, he did not seem to have any disability, but his father told me that he had Osteogenesis; which is a disorder of genetic origin and is known as crystal children.
And that, in the course of his childhood, he had fallen many times and because his bones are so fragile, he had suffered fractures of his little legs and arms.
And just in those days this child, had just left the hospital, after being hospitalized for a long time, due to a hip fracture. This child could not leave the house, because they had no way of being able to transport him and his father, in order to transfer him to his therapies, had to carry him.
Because of all this information, I once again had to speak with Mark Richard from “Hope Haven International” and explain the difficult situation of this man with his son.
Mark Richard was very moved by the immense suffering of this family. He immediately got a wheelchair, which could also be turned into a bed.
The father thanked us and asked for my cell phone number so he could call me and share with me his joy and that of his son. He sent me some very nice photos, showing his joy and satisfaction.
This man took his son from home, to different parts of the city, to walk him and show him the city, after how many years of being isolated and away from society.
He shared photos with his son on the boardwalk, in the main square and in front of the building of the Municipality of the City of Ilo.
These photos touched me deeply and I decided to keep looking for donations for my people, who needed all the support of other generous people. Although not everything has been easy, we have been able to favor some people and be able to help more.

“God help us in this noble mission.”