Foundation Path of Hope

Worthy Example of overcoming adversity

In 2016, when I met with the “Hope Haven International” Foundation, we coordinated wheelchair deliveries at the Víctor Raúl Carbajal Carrera complex in Ilo, Peru. While I was busy delivering wheelchairs together with the representatives of the “Hope Haven International” Foundation, to many people, I did not realize that a young woman was signaling me, I approached her, she apologized and said no She was able to walk, she wanted me to help her get a wheelchair, and she was not on the recipient list, because she was not aware of this donation. She needed my help and wanted to get a wheelchair, because she had several little brothers and she did not want to be a burden on her parents, because they lived in extreme poverty and her request for a wheelchair to be able to move around was urgent. work in some way to help herself and her family.
I went and spoke with Mark Richard, Director of Operations for “Hope Haven International” and explained the young woman’s case to him.
And it was managed to give him a very nice and comfortable chair, which conformed to his specifications. He thanked us and was happy in his wheelchair.

After a week or so I went to the Pacocha Market in Ilo, where I was born and someone took me by the arm and turning, I see this young woman, who thanked me again.
She was in her wheelchair selling and offering a wide variety of sweets and her articles that she knitted herself.
Her story has encouraged and encouraged me to continue helping people with disabilities and in extreme poverty.

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